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Outfest: The New Twenty, Antarctica, Awards Night

The best film I saw at the festival was The New Twenty: beautifully shot, written, and acted. Hats off to the programmers who got this film’s world premiere at Outfest.

I had a choice between screenings of Antarctica and Watercolors, and I should have chosen the latter, which ended up being an Awards Night winner later that evening. I ate way too much at Greenblatt’s, then headed to the Ford.

From Outfest 2008

We asked Calpernia to be one of the presenters, and she did a great job. Above, Momma tried to bring some modesty to one of Calpernia’s typical outfits.

There was a lovely film called Were The World Mine, a gay musical take on A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A couple of really lovely songs, and Wendy Robie was just fantastic as the teacher. I think a double feature with Hamlet 2, about another drama teacher’s take on Shakespeare, would be a great screening.

A bumpin’ after-party downstairs at The Kress Hollywood capped off a great Outfest day.

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