Andrea James

About me

I’ve proudly spent my life crafting communication that makes a difference.

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At the New York GLAAD Media Awards

After graduating with a Master’s Degree in English from University of Chicago, I wrote ads for ten years at top Chicago agencies. My ads for blue-chip clients premiered on the Super Bowl and other major television events, where they were frequently among audience favorites.

I also created free websites for consumers considered among the best in their categories: Trans Road Map (1996), HairFacts (1998), HairTell (2002), and GenderLife (2006).

Having established a loyal internet following, I partnered with Calpernia Addams in 2003 to create Deep Stealth Productions. Our goal is to counter the dismal depiction of trans people in the media with more accurate and positive portrayals.

I wrote and appeared in several popular instructional videos for transgender people, including Finding Your Female Voice (2002), Becoming You (2003), and Coming Out (2005).

My work as a voice coach for trans women led to consulting with star Felicity Huffman for the feature film Transamerica. I consulted on the script with Felicity and appear in the opening scene of that film as the voice coach.

I produced Deep Stealth’s sold-out V-Day LA 2004 benefit production of The Vagina Monologues, under the direct guidance of playwright Eve Ensler and mentor Jane Fonda. The event was featured in the documentary Beautiful Daughters.

My numerous film and television appearances include The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, The Insider with Pat O’Brien, and the documentary Middle Sexes.

I directed the short film “Casting Pearls,” about transgender casting controversies, and “Transproofed,” about transgender dating and disclosure.

In 2008, I appeared in the competitive dating show Transamerican Love Story in addition to serving as a Consulting Producer for the series.

I co-founded Thought Moment Media with producer Jamison Hebert. Our first production was Family Restaurant, a children’s film about kids with gay or lesbian parents. I directed our second project Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy, a Showtime documentary and concert film on how comedian Alec Mapa’s life has changed since he and his husband adopted a child.

In 2014, I was co-producer on Living Things, a dramatic feature on veganism. In 2015, I served as a consulting producer on Transcendent, a docu-series on the personal and professional relationships of a group of trans cabaret performers. In 2016, I began work on a pilot called Conversations with Coco.

I have also appeared in the films “Laundromat” and Bullied, produced a weekly news series for Disney, and two comedic web series for drag celebrity Willam Belli.

In addition to publishing websites, I have written scholarly papers and contributed to culture blog BoingBoing and The Atlantic. I served as an advisor for Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, contributed to To My Trans Sisters, and co-edited Letters for My Sisters, an anthology of collected wisdom by trans women, written for other trans women.

In 2017 I served as a consulting producer for NatGeo’s Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric, and I executive produced a film from the Sundance Native Labs called Viva Diva. In 2020 I was Story Consultant for the documentary Whirlybird. In 2021 I was a consulting producer on The Ts Madison Experience and appeared in the documentary This Is Jessica.

My activism and philanthropy also includes non-profit leadership:

  • GenderMedia Foundation (Founder) focusing on improving transgender media depictions.
  • TransYouth Family Allies (Board of Directors) helps minors and their families with issues related to gender identity and expression.
  • Anton Yelchin Foundation (Grant Committee) helps young artists with debilitating medical conditions.
  • Outfest (Board of Directors and Board Treasurer) LGBTQ film festival, mentoring, and preservation group.

I’ve also reconstructed my Wikipedia biography for this site.