Andrea James

Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps

TYPE: Hybrid Interactive Feature
GENRE: Experimental
STATUS: Development


Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps is a filmed interpretation of Scott Turner Schofield’s transgender performance piece embodying the experience of becoming a man.


Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps highlights the transmasculine experience hidden in plain sight: the hilarity, the humanity, and the previously unexplored portrait of the artist as a new man, one who made a remarkable emotional and physical journey in order to become a man.


We’re in the midst of a surge in transgender stories in the media. In this time of unprecedented visibility for transgender people, trans men still largely remain invisible. Male to female transgender subjects and storylines get far more press than trans men. Although Scott was Daytime television’s first transgender actor, and a few other female to male trans actors got some notice, culture’s vision is that transgender = transgender women. Transgender liberation starts with visibility. Transgender men – and everyone around them – need representation that accurately describes their experience also. Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps has toured the world for nearly a decade to rave reviews, making a deep impact in every community in which it plays. It is an award-winning glimpse into the real life of one transgender man whose artistry as a writer and performer has achieved the highest critical acclaim. This show, and the life on which it is based, has been tested and proven to provoke deep audience responses. This is a voice that culture is asking for. This is an artist bringing ready-made art that culture is ready to receive. None of us has ever been more ready, or more in need, of an FTM transgender story of the caliber of Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps.


Scott Turner Schofield – Writer/Performer
Scott is an award winning actor and diversity speaker. His purpose in life is to inspire Hollywood, your school, your job, and your family to embrace transgender people. One of his generation’s trailblazers in the movement for transgender liberation, since 2002 Schofield has used a successful mix of storytelling and advocacy to change policies at educational institutions, corporations, and spiritual centers. Using his gift for building bridges in traditional and conservative communities, he continues to take action in the movement toward full civil rights and social acceptance as a consultant, coach and spokesperson. After 12+ years as an internationally- acclaimed theatre artist, Schofield became the first openly transgender actor on daytime television, and the first female-to-male person in a major recurring role on broadcast TV as Nick on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful. Poised to follow the trajectory of former soap stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, Schofield hopes to transition to the silver screen as film’s first leading (trans)man.

Andrea James – Writer/Director
Andrea is a writer, director, producer, and transgender activist. While writing ads for ten years at top Chicago agencies, she authored, a how-to guide for transgender people. In 2003, she co-founded Deep Stealth Productions, creating numerous instructional videos. She produced and appeared in first all-transgender performance of The Vagina Monologues, featured in the documentary Beautiful Daughters. Andrea consulted with Felicity Huffman and is the opening shot of the film Transamerica. Andrea produced and appeared in Transamerican Love Story, and she has served on the Boards of Directors for TransYouth Family Allies and Outfest. She co-founded Thought Moment Media with Jamison Hebert. Their first project was “Family Restaurant,” a children’s film for preschoolers with gay and lesbian parents. Andrea directed their second project, Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy. The concert film about gay adoption is currently airing on Showtime. She’s also helped produce the docu-series Transcendent, following the personal and professional relationships of a group of trans women of color, for Fuse, and Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric for National Geographic.

Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps

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