Andrea James

LGB to the T: Trans Facts from A to Z

Premiered 11 February 2008 on Logo TV.


Educational series, focusing on one trans issue for each letter of the alphabet.
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A: Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc is one of history’s most notable gender rebels.
B: Birth Certificates
To some, birth certificates are a critical step in the transition process. To others, its still an impossibility, depending on where you live.
C: Civil Rights
Believe it or not, civil rights for the trans community is still an ongoing battle.
D: Dewey’s Lunch Counter Protest
Four years before Stonewall, the trans community held a landmark protest.
E: E.N.D.A.
E.N.D.A., the embattled nondiscrimination bill, is a divisive subject.
F: Les Feinberg
Les Feinberg is a revoluntionary trans hero & author of the 20th century.
G: Gwen Araujo
The highly publicized murder of trans teen Gwen Araujo brought a lot of attention to the trans community and to the rise of hate crimes in the U.S.
H: Health Care
Still a major battle for the trans community, health care is critical contemporary national issue.
I: Internet
Much credit is given to the power of the internet to bring information & a sense of community to the trans community all over the world.
J: Justice System
Even the justice system is considered to be gender-oriented, which can present challenges to transgender people.
K: Kylar Broadus
Kylar Broadus is an influential African American trans leader.
L: Lynn Conway
Lynn Conway not only established a significant online destination for the trans community, she also pioneered the technology that made personal computers possible!
M: Media
Media, media, media. From Oprah to Newsweek, global media outlets are increasingly giving time & attention to the trans movement.
N: Native Americans
Native Americans didn’t just accept LGBT identity, they celebrated it.
O: Official Hero
Guess which one of our state’s offical heroes is a transgender war hero? Sothere, “don’t ask, don’t tell”!
P: Priests & Priestesses
In many ancient cultures, priests & priestesses were quite often transgender.
Q: Genderqueer
Genderqueer is an emerging term in the LGBT community, but what exactly does it mean?
R: Reed Erickson
Reed Erickson is a legend and a selfless contributor to the LGBT movement.
S: Stonewall Riots
Some credit the Stonewall Riots of 1969 as the birth of the LGBT movement…if that’s the case, then trans woman Sylvia Rivera is its mother!
T: Brandon Teena
“Boys Don’t Cry” was a landmark LGBT film, inspired by the heartbreaking story of Brandon Teena.
U: Unity
One of the fundamental goals of the trans community is inclusion in the human family, the key to that achievement is unity.
V: Visibility
More and more each day, thanks to series like Transamerican Love Story, the trans community becomes increasingly visibile. Visibility is a powerful tool to combat the ignorance that breeds hate & discrimination.
W: Dr. Edward Walker
Congressional Medal of Honor winner, Dr. M. Edward Walker, was a war hero who even appeared on his own national honorary stamp!
X: XX & XY
Chromosomes…its not just an XX & XY thing.
Y: Youth
Progressive young people are overturning the conventional conservative view of the gender cultural of the world.
Z: Zeal
Without the enthusiasm of the trans community, the LGBT movement would arguably be several steps behind where it is today.