Andrea James

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The Remarkable Rise of Transgender Rights. Jami K. Taylor, Donald P. Haider-Markel, Daniel C. Lewis. University of Michigan Press, 2018. ISBN 9780472124275

These services also allowed transgender individuals, such as Andrea James, to share information without the filters of doctors, therapists, and other gatekeepers.

Transsexuals Protest Academic Exploitation. [Full entry PDF] by K. Surkan
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“Once we realize how much we can change ourselves, changing the world is easy.”

–Calpernia Addams and Andrea James (p. 96)


In April, the first transgender V-Day is staged at Los Angeles’s Pacific Design Center. The women premiere a new monologue, “They Beat the Girl Out of My Boy… or So They Tried,” based on their stories.


V-Day LA: Until the Violence Stops
by Eve Ensler, Deep Stealth Productions
February 21, 2004
GenderMedia Foundation


The Vagina: A Literary and Cultural History By Emma L. E. Ree

“Ensler worked to remedy this with a group of trans women who performed The Vagina Monologues in February 2004. A film, Beautiful Daughters, directed and produced by Josh Aronson and Ariel Orr Jordan, recorded the event and had its premiere early in 2006, including Ensler’s new monologue. “

blood-moon's guide

Blood Moon’s Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film

2007 by Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince

V is for WHAT?

V-Day, which is loosely affiliated with the production of Beautiful Daughters and The Vagina Monologues, is a non-profit corporation that distributes funds to grassroots national, and international organizations and programs that work to stop violence against women and girls. It’s also a grassroots organization that’s prominent in the battle for heightened sensitivity for the needs and priorities of transgendered persons.

(left) Eve Ensler, author of Vagina Monologues; (center) actresses Calpernia Addams and Andrea James; (right) Producers and directors Josh Aronson and Ariel or Jordan, with Calpernia Addams.


Beautiful Daughters–Follow the story of the first all transgender production of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues and the extraordinary women who make it happen.

The New Glucose Revolution Guide to Living Well with PCOS
by Nadir R. Farid, Kate Marsh, Janette Brand Miller
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There and Back Again? Or, Adventures in Genderland: an investigation into the nature of transsexual voice, its presentation in performance, and the perception of gender