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Outfest: Platinum extravaganza

The Platinum series at Outfest had several first-rate programs. Wild Combination was a great gala event. Saturday had the Platinum Shorts and the feature Squeezebox at the Regency Fairfax.

From Outfest 2008

I parked at the CBS lot, and there were tons of beautiful bougainvillea in bloom in all colors – pictures don’t do it justice.

The shorts program was very hit or miss. Most were hypnotic and lovely; most were also overlong. One was the most artless piece of shit I have ever seen in a juried film festival.

After a delightful dinner at Canter’s, I headed back to watch Squeezebox, which was a great doc about a club night in Manhattan that reclaimed rock for LGBT audiences with a kickass fusion of drag and the music I love.

From Outfest 2008

Then I headed to The Troubadour for the Boom! Music Festival. Some good acts played for an intimate crowd. Good times!

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