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Outfest: Closing Night – Tru Loved

From Outfest 2008

Outfest started the way it ended, with a charming comedy about LGBT youth. Stewart Wade’s Tru Loved had a lot of sweet moments depicting the struggles of navigating teen romance through the minefield of sexual orientation labels. It was nice to see so many supportive LGBT families depicted in the festival’s films. Though “family-friendly” probably doesn’t describe my own sensibilities, I realize the importance of these images in showing how things really are. I was also delighted to hear so many people at awards night thanking their partner of 7 years, of 10 years, of 18 years, etc. The stereotypes about LGBT people being unable to form long-term relationships are being dismantled every day.

The ACLU presented an award to Nichelle Nichols at last night’s event. She had a great part as the Grandmother in Tru Loved. George Takei was on hand as well, and talked about his impending wedding to Brad Altman, his partner of 21 years. Nichelle will be his Best Lady at the event.

The after party was a lovely affair at the Orpheum, and I got to say hi to my pal Alec Mapa, who has a hilarious part as a flaming but closeted gay teacher in Tru Loved. Tye Olson, fresh from his acting award for Watercolors, was also on hand. He played Walter, who co-founds the school’s gay-straight alliance with Tru.

I headed out a little earlier than normal because I was having a hard time hearing, and I don’t like to try to have conversations where we are screaming in each others’ ears.

I’ll be joining the Board of Directors of Outfest this fall, so please don’t hesitate to let me know about your experiences at Outfest! I am very excited to be a part of such an important and delightful organization.

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