Andrea James

Pholomolo: No Man No Woman


By Veronique Renard

Published 21 June 2007 by iUniverse

ISBN 9780595446698

I copyedited this autobiography.


Author Veronique Renard omitted something critical in her popular 2003 memoir Pantau in India. As if leaving behind Dutch corporate life, converting to Buddhism, and living among Tibetan refugees in the Himalayas was not amazing enough, Veronique transitioned from male to female 25 years ago and has never mentioned it since.

Until now. In her remarkable follow-up memoir Pholomolo, Veronique opens up for the first time. Laugh-out-loud moments punctuate this heartfelt portrait of her childhood struggles to express herself in a world that told her she had to be a boy. After transition at seventeen, she never discusses her background with family, friends, colleagues, and lovers. Now, she shares her unique experiences as a transsexual female in the occidental and oriental world with absolute candor.

PHOLOMOLO—NO MAN NO WOMAN is a remarkable and inspiring story about yet another facet in Veronique’s already amazing life, a story about learning to live your own truth every day.


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