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”’Andrea Jean James”’ (born January 16, 1967) is an American [[transgender rights]] activist, film producer, director, and writer.<ref>Nichols, James Michael. [ This Trans Pioneer Has Been Fighting For The Trans Community For Decades.] ”[[Huffington Post]]”, July 4, 2016.</ref>


James grew up in Indiana and attended [[Wabash College]], where she majored in English, Latin, and Greek.<ref>Paige, Richard. [ Wabash on My Mind: Andrea James ‚Äė89]. October 26, 2015.</ref> After graduating in 1989, she obtained an M.A. in English language and literature from the [[University of Chicago]] in 1990.<ref name=Wabash>Wabash College. [ Andrea James to Give Talk at Wabash.] October 21, 2008.</ref>


[[File:Andrea James and Calpernia Addams.jpg|thumb|left|James and [[Calpernia Addams]] speaking at the 2006 [[Out & Equal Workplace Summit]]]]

James worked for ten years in advertising in Chicago.<ref>Bartner, Amy. [ Transgender community unites at Pride event.] ”[[Indianapolis Star]]”, June 9, 2016.</ref> During her [[Transitioning (transgender)|gender transition]], she became involved in [[consumer activism]], particularly exposing medical and academic fraud.<ref>Gardner, Chris. [ Tinder Launches Transgender-Inclusive Update, Allowing Users to Select Personalized Gender Identity.] ”[[The Hollywood Reporter]]”, November 15, 2016.</ref> In 1996 she created the consumer website Transsexual Road Map, and later created [[hair removal]] consumer websites HairFacts and HairTell.<ref> Garvin, Glenn. [ Breaking Boundaries.] ”The Miami Herald”, March 15, 2003.{{pb}}

Painter, K. [ Who qualifies to zap hairs?] ”[[USA Today]]”, March 26, 2006.{{pb}}

Grossman, A. J. [ Zapping teenage torment.] ”[[The New York Times]]”, June 5, 2008.</ref>


In 2003 James moved to Los Angeles and co-founded Deep Stealth Productions with entertainer [[Calpernia Addams]]. They created content for transgender people on makeup, [[facial feminization surgery]], and coming out, starting with a [[Voice therapy (transgender)|vocal feminization]] instructional video, ”Finding Your Female Voice”.<ref>Hopper, Douglas. [ Helping Transgender Women Find a New Voice.] ”[[All Things Considered]]”, NPR, March 5, 2006.</ref>


James criticized psychologist [[J. Michael Bailey]]’s 2003 book, ”[[The Man Who Would Be Queen]]” after published reports that Bailey was using images of young transgender children without their knowledge or consent, provoking laughter from students and faculty.<ref>Roughgarden, Joan. [ Psychology lecture lacks sensitivity to sexual orientation.] ”[[The Stanford Daily]]”, April 25, 2003.</ref> The dispute became heated. When James posted a page on her website using images of Bailey’s teenage children when they were younger, alongside sexually explicit captions that quoted or parodied material in Bailey’s book, Bailey accused her of harassment.<ref>Carey, Benedict. [ Criticism of a Gender Theory, and a Scientist Under Siege.] ”[[The New York Times]]”, August 21, 2007.{{pb}}James, Andrea. [–bailey.html Invective against J. Michael Bailey’s ‘The Man Who Would be Queen.’], June 5, 2003.</ref> Sexologist [[Kenneth Zucker]] devoted an issue of his journal ”[[Archives of Sexual Behavior]]” to the controversy, centered on a target article by historian [[Alice Dreger]], a colleague of Bailey’s at [[Northwestern University]].<ref>Zucker, Kenneth. Introduction to Dreger (2008) and Peer Commentaries. ”[[Archives of Sexual Behavior]]” {{doi|10.1007/s10508-007-9300-2}}.</ref> Dreger accused James of harassment and of stifling [[academic freedom]], then tried to stop James from speaking in academic settings about the controversy.<ref>Dreger, Alice. [ The Controversy Surrounding ”The Man Who Would Be Queen”: A Case History of the Politics of Science, Identity, and Sex in the Internet Age.] ”[[Archives of Sexual Behavior]]”, 2008, Volume 37, Number 3, pp. 366‚Äď421.{{pb}}Nichols, Margaret. [ “Dreger on the Bailey Controversy: Lost in the Drama, Missing the Big Picture”], ”Archives of Sexual Behavior”, 2008, Volume 37, Number 3, pp. 476-480.</ref> James wrote that the book was an example of academic exploitation of transgender people, and a “[[cure narrative]]” framed by one unconfirmed case report about a six-year-old child.<ref>James, Andrea. [ “Fair comment, foul play”], National Women’s Studies Association conference, June 21, 2008, pp. 3‚Äď4{{pb}}[ “The Bailey Brouhaha”], National Women’s Association Conference, ”YouTube”, June 21, 2008.</ref> Gender studies professor Karl Surkan said the protests by James and others against Bailey “represented one of the most organized and unified examples of transgender activism seen to date.”<ref name=Surkan>Surkan, K. “Transsexuals protest academic exploitation.” In [[Lillian Faderman|Faderman, Lillian]] (ed). ”Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Events, 1848-2006”. Salem Press, 2007, pp. 700‚Äď702.{{isbn|9781587652653}}</ref> James expanded her criticism to include Zucker and [[Ray Blanchard]] of the [[Centre for Addiction and Mental Health]] for their [[pathologization]] of transgender children and adults via Zucker’s [[gender identity disorder in children]] diagnosis and [[Blanchard’s transsexualism typology]].<ref>James, Andrea. [ “A defining moment in our history: Examining disease models of gender identity”], ”[[Gender Medicine]]”, 2006(3;1) p. S56{{doi|10.1016/S1550-8579(06)80121-X}{{pb}}James, Andrea. [ Sexology‚Äôs war on transgender children.] Boing Boingm June 11, 2015.{{pb}}Bailey, J. Michael and Triea, K. [ What many transgender activists don’t want you to know: and why you should know it anyway], ”[[Perspectives in Biology and Medicine]]”. Autumn 2007;50(4), pp. 521-534. </ref> After Zucker and Blanchard were appointed to lead the committee revising transgender sections of the ”[[Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders]]” in 2009, James helped organize protests at the [[American Psychiatric Association]] conference.<ref>Batza, Katie. [ LGBTQ and Health.] In ”LGBTQ America”, Springate, Megan E., Ed. [[National Park Foundation]], 2016.</ref> In 2015 the gender clinic where Zucker and Blanchard worked was closed following an investigation.<ref>Ubelacker, Sheryl. [ CAMH to ‘wind down’ controversial gender identity clinic services.] ”[[The Globe and Mail]]”, December 15, 2015,{{pb}}Pyne, Jake. [ Discredited treatment of trans kids at CAMH shouldn’t shock us.] ”[[Toronto Star]]”, December 17, 2015.</ref>


In 2004, James founded the [[nonprofit]] GenderMedia Foundation.<ref>Ensler, Eve ”et al”. [ “V-Day LA: Until the violence stops”], GenderMedia Foundation, 2004.</ref> That year, she produced and performed in the first all-transgender cast of ”[[The Vagina Monologues]]”, debuting a new piece created by [[Eve Ensler]] for the occasion.<ref>Ensler, Eve. [ I Never Defined a Woman as a Person With a Vagina.] ”[[Time (magazine)|Time]]”, January 18, 2015.</ref> James also appeared in ”Beautiful Daughters”, a documentary about the event.<ref>”Teaching resources: Beautiful Daughters”, ”Feminist Teacher”, 18(2), 2008, pp. 179‚Äď180. {{jstor|40546067}}</ref> In 2005 James coached actress [[Felicity Huffman]] for her role in ”[[Transamerica (film)|Transamerica]]” and had a cameo in the film.<ref>Tucker, Duncan. ”Transamerica: The Shooting Script”. Newmarket Press, 2006, pp. 93, 133. {{ISBN|978-1-55704-732-8}}{{pb}}Keck, William. [ Felicity Huffman is sitting pretty.] ”[[USA Today]]”, November 21, 2005.</ref> She appeared in the 2005 [[HBO]] documentary ”[[Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She]]”, and she directed transgender-themed short films, including “Casting Pearls” in 2007 and “Transproofed” in 2009.<ref>Andreson, Tre‚Äôvell. [ On the hunt for another ‘Moonlight,’ Outfest celebrates 35 years.] ”[[Los Angeles Times]]”, July 6, 2017.{{pb}}Adelman, Kim. [ ‘Pariah’ Leads The Pack of Outstanding Shorts at Outfest ’07.], ”[[Indiewire]]”, July 18, 2007.{{pb}}Everleth, Mike [ Echo Park Film Center: Transgender Short Films.] ”Underground Film Journal”, January 10, 2011.</ref>


James served on the Board of Directors of TransYouth Family Allies, a nonprofit that supports [[transgender youth]] and their families, from 2007 to 2014.<ref>James, Andrea, [ “Life Without Puberty”], ”[[The Advocate]]”, January 25, 2008.</ref> From 2008 to 2013, she served on the Board of Directors of [[Outfest]], where she was involved in the restoration of the documentary ”Queens at Heart.”<ref>Limbachia, Dixie. [ Kristin Chenoweth, ‚ÄėAmerican Gods‚Äô Stars Turn Out for Bryan Fuller at Outfest Opening Night.] [[Variety (magazine)|Variety]], July 7, 2017.{{pb}}Kelly, Shannon. [ Highlighting the Outfest Legacy Project: Three Films.] [[UCLA Film and Television Archive]], March 6, 2011.</ref>


She was a consulting producer for, and appeared in, the reality-dating television series ”[[Transamerican Love Story]]” on [[Logo (TV channel)|Logo]] in 2008.<ref>Pozner, Jennifer L. ”Reality bites back: the troubling truth about guilty pleasure TV”. Seal Press, 2010. {{ISBN|978-1-58005-265-8}}{{pb}}

Kearns, Michael. [ Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.] ”[[Frontiers (magazine)|Frontiers]]”, 2008, 26(20).</ref> James began guest blogging at [[Boing Boing]] in 2009 and portrayed lawyer Joni Thome in the 2010 documentary ”Bullied.”<ref>Apelqvist, Eva (2013) ”LGBTQ Families: The Ultimate Teen Guide.” Scarecrow Press, {{ISBN|9780810885363}}</ref> ¬†James directed two seasons of a web series for [[The Walt Disney Company|Disney]] fan club [[D23 (Disney)|D23]], one season of the web series ”Beatdown” for drag performer [[Willam Belli]], coached [[Kate del Castillo]] for her role in ”[[K-11 (film)|K-11]]”, and co-produced ”Living Things,” a 2014 dramatic feature on [[veganism]].<ref>Breen, Matthew, [ Willam Belli Wants To Get Thrown Out of Her Own Show.] ”[[Out (magazine)|Out]]”, April 17, 2015.{{pb}}Brydum, Sunnivie. [ Captivating Kate.] ”[[The Advocate]]”, April 23, 2013{{pb}}Asea, Adam. [ Out Today: Andrea James‚Äô Living Things ‚Äď A Vegan and Meat Debate.] ”The WOW Report,” April 15, 2014.</ref> In 2012 she co-founded Thought Moment Media, where she directed the 2013 children‚Äôs film “Family Restaurant” and the 2015 [[Showtime (TV network)|Showtime]] [[concert film]] ”[[Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy]]”, both about [[LGBT adoption]]. <ref>Lopresti, Michael (2013). [ Family Restaurant.] ”[[Frameline Film Festival]]”{{pb}}Wong, Curtis M. [ Alec Mapa Hopes His Showtime Special, ‘Baby Daddy,’ Inspires Gay Parents To Adopt Older Kids.] “[[Huffington Post]]”, June 12, 2015.{{pb}}Reynolds, Daniel, [ The 10 Best LGBT Documentaries of 2014.] ”[[The Advocate]] ”, December 24, 2014.</ref>

James edited and advised on several books, including the 2002 autobiography ”Mark 947” by Calpernia Addams, the 2007 autobiography ”Pholomolo” by [[Veronique Renard]], the 2014 self-help book ”[[Trans Bodies, Trans Selves]]”, and self-help parody ”Suck Less” by [[Willam Belli]].<ref>Addams, Calpernia. ”Mark 947: A Life Shaped by God, Gender, and Force of Will.” Writers Club Press, 2002. {{ISBN|0-595-26376-3}}</ref><ref>Renard, Veronique. ”Pholomolo: No Man No Woman.” iUniverse, 2007. {{ISBN|978-0595446698}}</ref><ref>Erickson-Schroth, Laura. ”Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community”. [[Oxford University Press]], 2014. {{ISBN|9780199325351}}</ref><ref>Belli, Willam. ”Suck Less: Where There’s a Willam, There’s a Way.” [[Grand Central Publishing]], 2016 {{ISBN|978-1455566198}}</ref> She co-edited the 2014 anthology ”Letters for My Sisters” with Deanne Thornton.<ref>Kellaway, Mitch, [¬†Trans Women Share Wisdom ‘By Us, For Us’.] ”[[The Advocate]]”, July 16, 2014. </ref><ref>[¬†10 Must-Read Books When You’re Having Gender Questions.] ”[[SheWired]]”, October 22, 2015.</ref><ref>Kellaway, Mitch, [¬†The Year’s 10 Best Transgender Non-Fiction Books.] ”[[The Advocate]]”, November 5, 2014.</ref> She is featured or quoted in photography books ”Vagina Warriors” by [[Eve Ensler]] and [[Joyce Tenneson]] and ”The World According to Wonder” by [[World of Wonder (production company)|World of Wonder]], in consumer guide ”Facial Feminization Surgery” by [[Douglas Ousterhout]], and in ”51%: Women and the Future of Politics” by Terri Spahr Nelson.<ref> Bailey, Fenton; Barbato, Randy. ”The World According to Wonder. ” World of Wonder Books, 2013. {{isbn|978-0985583408}}</ref><ref>Ensler, Eve; Tenneson, Joyce. ”Vagina Warriors”. New York: Bulfinch Press, 2005, p. 11. {{ISBN|978-0-8212-6183-5}}</ref><ref>Ousterhout, Douglas. ”Facial Feminization Surgery: A Guide for the Transgendered Woman”. Addicus Books, 2010. {{ISBN|1938803221}}</ref><ref>Nelson, Terri Spahr. ”51%: Women and the Future of Politics: Women speak out on US politics and politicians.” Sugati Publications, 2016. {{ISBN|978-0982580677}}</ref> James also contributed to the anthology ”To My Trans Sisters” edited by [[Charlie Craggs]].<ref> Craggs, Charlie. ”To My Trans Sisters.” Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017.{{ISBN|9781784506681}}</ref>


In 2014, James discussed complexities of the slurs ”[[Tranny (slang)|tranny]]” and ”[[shemale]]” in the wake of objections to their use on ”[[RuPaul’s Drag Race]].”<ref>Wilson, Erin, [9 Celebs Who Learned the Hard Way the T-Word Is Over.] ”[[The Advocate]]”, April 9, 2015.</ref> She criticized writer [[Parker Molloy]] as emblematic of [[clickbait]] journalism and Twitter‚Äôs [[outrage culture]].<ref>James, Andrea. [ I Fucking Hate @RuPaul.] Boing Boing, April 4, 2014.</ref> A group of transgender Twitter users signed an open letter denouncing James for her stance.<ref>Jones, Zinnia. [ 100-Plus Trans Women Stand Against Calpernia Addams and Andrea James: An Open Letter.]</ref> Molloy resigned later that year after directing abuse and slurs at trans women.<ref>Editors. [ Parker Molloy Resigns From Advocate, Lashes Out At Former Colleagues.] ”[[Queerty]]”, October 31, 2014.</ref> James has also discussed controversies around casting transgender roles in films.<ref>James, Andrea, [ Is Elle Fanning Taking a Role From a Transgender Actor?] ”[[The Atlantic]]”, November 15, 2014.</ref> In 2015 she was a script consultant on an episode of ”[[Royal Pains]]” about a transgender teen played by [[Nicole Maines]].<ref>Bartner, Amy, [ Transgender activist amid Hollywood‚Äôs transition.] ”[[USA Today]]”, June 3, 2016.</ref> She was also a consulting producer on the 2015 reality TV series ”[[Transcendent (TV series)|Transcendent]]”.<ref>{{Cite web|title = New Series Highlights Transgender Stories, Introduces ‘Ladies of AsiaSF’|url =|website = NBC News|accessdate = 2015-11-03}}{{pb}}Johnson, RJ. [ A Decade of Discovery.] ”[[Alaska Dispatch News]]”, June 29, 2017.</ref> In 2016, she participated in the [[Intelligence Squared]] debate on [[gender identity]] filmed in [[Sydney, Australia]] for ”[[BBC World News]]”.<ref>Treharne, Trevor. [ Transgender rights move into their recognition era.] ”[[Seven News]]”, February 26, 2016.{{pb}}[ Society and Gender Identities.] ”[[BBC World News]]”, April 10, 2016. </ref>


James has worked with [[social media]] platforms like [[Facebook]] on content moderation and community standards.<ref>Eldon, Eric. [¬†Facebook Begins Testing Advanced Crowd-Sourced Content Moderation.] ”[[Adweek]]”, January 4, 2010.</ref> In 2016, she worked with [[Tinder (app)|Tinder]] on rolling out gender-inclusive profile options.<ref>Steinmetz, Katy. [¬†The Inside Story Behind Tinder’s New Gender Options.] ”[[Time (magazine)|Time]]”, November 14, 2016.</ref><ref>Snyder, Benjamin. [¬†How Tinder Is Making Dating Easier for Transgender Users.] ” [[Fortune (magazine)|Fortune]]”, June 3, 2016.</ref><ref>Titlow, John Paul. [¬†Tinder Reengineers Its Gender Field, With Help From The Trans Community.] ”[[Fast Company]]”, November 15, 2016.</ref>¬†She has discussed how trans people should prepare for the [[Presidency of Donald Trump]].<ref>Rose, Donna; Fronterhouse, Diana. [ Ep 012 ‚Äď Andrea James.] ”The Deeper End”, October 20, 2016{{pb}}St. James, James, [ WOW Exclusive: JSJ Talks to Trans Activist Andrea James About Trump, the Future of Trans Rights, and How YOU Can Help,] ”WOW Presents”, March 15, 2017. </ref> Her media projects in 2017 included a pilot of ”Conversations with Coco” starring [[Coco Peru]] and [[Lily Tomlin]], the documentary ”[[Gender Revolution]]” with [[Katie Couric]], and a film adaptation of ”Becoming a Man in 127 Easy Steps” starring [[Scott Turner Schofield]]. <ref>Babayan, Siran (August 13, 2016). [ Conversations with Coco: Lily Tomlin.] ”[[LA Weekly]]”{{pb}}Ennis, Dawn. [ ‚ÄėGender Revolution‚Äô is all about trans people, but it‚Äôs made for a cis audience.] ”LGBTQ Nation”, February 8, 2017.{{pb}}Ikenberg, Tamara. [ Becoming a man in just ‚Äė127 Easy Steps‚Äô: Transgender activist and actor returns to perform one-man show.] ”[[Alaska Dispatch News]]”, June 29, 2017.</ref>

== Filmography ==

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! Notes


| Documentary || align=”center” |2017 || ”[[Gender Revolution]]” || Consulting Producer ||


| Short film || align=”center” |2017 || Viva Diva || Executive Producer ||


| TV pilot || align=”center” |2017 || ”Conversations with Coco” || Director, Executive Producer ||


| Web series || align=”center” |2016 || What the Flick?! || Self || 1 episode


| TV series || align=”center” |2016 || ”[[Intelligence Squared]]”¬† || Self || 1 episode


| TV series || align=”center” |2015 || ”[[Royal Pains]]” || Consultant || 1 episode


| TV series || align=”center” |2015 || ”[[Transcendent (TV series)|Transcendent]]” || Consulting Producer|| 13 episodes


| Film || align=”center” |2014 || ”Living Things” || Co-Producer ||


| Concert film || align=”center” |2014 || ”[[Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy]]”

|| Director, Co-Editor, Executive Producer ||


| Web series || align=”center” |2014 || Beatdown || Director, Producer || 11 episodes


| Web series || align=”center” |2014 || Paint Me Bitch || Director, Producer || 3 episodes


| Short film || align=”center” |2012 || Family Restaurant || Writer, Director, Editor, Producer, Voice Actor: “Picky”||


| Film || align=”center” |2012 || ” [[K-11 (film)|K-11]]” || Coach to star [[Kate del Castillo]] ||


| Web series || align=”center” |2010 || ”[[D23 (Disney)|D23’s Disney Geek]]”

|| Director, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer|| 62 episodes


| Documentary || align=”center” |2010 || ”Bullied”

|| Actor: “Joni Thome” ||


| Short film || align=”center” |2009 || Transproofed

|| Writer, Director, Editor, Producer, Actor: “Joyce”||


| TV series || align=”center” |2009 || ”[[Transamerican Love Story]]”

||Consulting Producer, Self|| 8 episodes


| Short film || align=”center” |2008 || Laundromat

||Actor: “Maya”||


| Short film || align=”center” |2008 || Casting Pearls ||Director, Executive Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Editor, Voice Actor||


| Instructional video || align=”center” |2006 || ”[[Coming Out]]” (Volumes 1, 2, & 3)

||Director, Producer, Writer, Co-Editor, Self||


| Documentary || align=”center” |2006 || ”[[Beautiful Daughters]]”



| Documentary || align=”center” |2005 || ”[[Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She]]”



| Film || align=”center” |2005 || ”[[Transamerica]]”

||Actor: “Voice Coach,” coach to star [[Felicity Huffman]]||


| Documentary short || align=”center” |2003 || ”Conversation with Calpernia”

||Director, Producer, Co-Editor, Self||


| Instructional video || align=”center” |2003 || ”Becoming You” (Volumes 1 & 2)

||Director, Producer, Co-Editor, Self||


| Instructional video || align=”center” |2002 || ”Finding Your Female Voice”

||Director, Producer, Writer, Co-Editor, Self||






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