Andrea James

Transition Reviews site launches

My friend Danielle envisioned a place where trans people could share anonymous verified reviews of their experiences receiving trans-related healthcare and other services. I’m pleased to announce that her dream is now reality!

Independent platform

On this trans* review platform, everyone who has ever had a treatment in the context of their transition can leave a review about the treatment and about the person who carried it out. The goal is to create a virtual library of specialists in hormone treatment, surgery, voice therapy, mental health care, … you name it! This way you will be able to find the practitioner that will best meet your needs for any treatment in any chosen region, within the transgender community.

How does this website distinguish itself from other (review) platforms?

  1. First of all: real verified reviews. We guarantee all of the reviews you read are real, and that the people who wrote them are real. No fake accounts, no fake reviews!
    • How is that possible? Through a two-step verification process.
    • What does that mean? We ask you to send us proof of identity and proof of treatment. After validation of the review, this information will be permanently deleted.
  2. Secondly, you can only write one review per practitioner. So your review will contain all of the procedures you had with that practitioner. This way we want to avoid people writing multiple reviews to give a practitioner a better or a worse outcome. Let’s keep it fair: one vote per person!
  3. Thirdly, your review will always appear as anonymous. You have to provide your name when writing the review for verification purposes, but it will never become available to anyone.
  4. And last, but perhaps most importantly so: This is a safe space. No comments are allowed, there is no room for discussion, nor for criticising each other. We want you to feel free to share your experience.

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