Andrea James

Support the crowdfunding campaign for “Limerence”

Please join me in supporting Limerence, a lovely new project by some of my Atlanta collaborators on Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps!

Park Englehart, an imaginative 10 year old with a heroic vision of herself, is in love with Nia, her best friends older sister.  Park takes a leap and writes Nia a sentimental love note, unfortunately the school bully, TJ, also has a love note for Nia.

When Nia receives the two very different notes at school her world falls apart and Park’s attempt at love ends in devistation and Park is called to the principal’s office.  Her actions are met with with rejection from Nia, the kids at school and her mother.

Faced with the realization of gender norms and her mom’s disappointment, Park is ashamed  and sinks into a deep depression.

Seemingly alone, Park is visited by a vision of her older self in the form of a mysterious motorcyclist and has to decide if she will remain true to herself or crumble under her broken heart.

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