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Outfest: South Park Sing-Along, All-Girl Friday, added screenings

Last night was Outfest’s uproarious “South Park Sing-Along” at the Ford, and it was a fantastic, raucous crowd. Hats off to programmer extraordinaire Alonso Duralde for pushing for the screening.

Today is all-girl Friday at the DGA, so I hope to see you there. Our short “Casting Pearls” screened there last year as part of this program and went on to have a great run. Tomorrow, I’ll be at the Regency Fairfax for the Platinum shorts and the edgy feature ‘Squeezebox!’, which is also part of the Platinum showcase of experimental work.

Be sure to check out all the screenings added on Sunday, including many of the festival’s most popular and buzzworthy offerings. Then head out to Awards Night and a screening of ‘Were The World Mine’ at the Ford.

There’s something for everyone at Outfest this weekend, so check it out!

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