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Outfest: Affinity, upcoming events

Last night I saw the Outfest dramatic centerpiece Affinity, based on the Sarah Waters novel. It’s a lesbian drama set in Victorian England. From an IMDb synopsis:

The film centers on Margaret (Anna Madeley), a wealthy young woman suffering from depression after the death of her father and the rejection of her best friend and former lover who’s gone and married her brother. Searching for a new way to get through her days, she signs up to become a “lady visitor” at a bleak women’s prison, Millbank. A mysterious girl named Selina (Zoe Tapper) soon catches her eye. Selina claims to be a spirit medium a person who channels spirits and the souls of the dead. She’s also serving a long sentence after being convicted for murder, but she claims the murder was the work of one particularly strong and malicious spirit called Peter Quick.

It’s well acted and has lots of twists and turns. Worth checking out!

Tonight I plan to attend Outfest’s South Park Sing-Along at the John Anson Ford Theatre. Come on out for a sassy evening!

Friday I am speaking on an HBO panel on women in entertainment for Outfest, and then Calpernia and I are speaking at Warner Brothers as guests of
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. Be sure to come to Outfest’s all-girl Friday at the DGA, or go see Mulligans at the Ford.

Lots of great films all weekend, including Del Shores’ Sordid Lives: The Series on Saturday at the DGA (as well as some edgy stuff over at the Regency Fairfax). Sunday will have several encore screenings of popular films, followed by Awards Night at the Ford. Come check it out!

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