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Outfest: Legacy Project’s ‘Word Is Out’ Restoration

Last night Outfest screened the restoration print of Word is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives, the groundbreaking 1977 documentary. I had never seen it before, so it was a real treat. One woman in it was born in the 1800s, and there are lots of discussions about pre-Stonewall life, so it’s an amazing historical document. All the directors were on hand (except Peter Adair, who died in 1996), and they announced a 30-year follow-up piece that will be part of the DVD extras.

The restoration was part of Outfest’s Legacy Project, a collaboration with the UCLA Film & Television Archive, which aims to have a complete archive of all LGBT-themed films ever made. Both are worth your support!

Legacy Project

Outfest tickets and info:

Tonight I’ll be in the Heineken Green Room for major donor cocktails at the Director’s Guild, then I’ll be attending the Platinum Centerpiece film, Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell. After that, I plan to stop by the Producers Party at O Bar in West Hollywood.

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