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Outfest: Hamlet 2, Newcastle

Following a fabulous pool party in the Hollywood Hills, I headed over to the Directors Guild of America for a screening of ‘Hamlet 2,’ an absolutely hilarious film about a talent-free drama teacher who mounts a sequel to Hamlet at his local high school. I am a tough customer in the comedy department, and I laughed out loud. A lot. Then there was a great Australian surfing movie called ‘Newcastle’ by longtime Outfest filmmaker Dan Castle. I have previously discussed my fascination with surfing when Shelter screened last year. Both films weren’t “gay” per say, but had gay characters. It’s nice to see things expanding a bit in the programming!

Hope to see you at the Legacy Project gala screening of ‘Word Is Out’ tonight! For a more relaxed evening, go check out ‘She’s A Boy I Knew’ at the Regency Fairfax.

Outfest tickets and info:

Below: a shot I took on Mulholland Drive on the way home from the pool party. Part of my series on LA taken from cars.

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