Andrea James

Our 20 Most-Anticipated Sundance Film Festival 2020 Premieres

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The Film Stage○January 20, 2020

While much of the joy found in the festival comes from surprises throughout the 11 days, below one will find our 20 most-anticipated titles. Check out our picks and for updates straight from the festival, make sure to follow us on Twitter (@TheFilmStage, @jpraup, @djmecca, and @FinkJohnJ), and stay tuned to all of our coverage here.

Honorable Mentions

There are still plenty of other films we’re looking forward to catching, including Dinner in America, Charter, Cuties, Jumbo, Spree, Black Bear, I Carry You With Me, Some Kind of Heaven, The Mountains Are a Dream That Call to Me, Bad Hair, and The Night House. On the documentary side, we’re intrigued by Spaceship Earth, Boys State, Assassins, Time, and Whirlybird.

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