Andrea James

The Deeper End podcast Ep 012 – Andrea James


“All roads lead to Andrea James”.  At least, that’s the high praise Donna uses to introduce Andrea in this week’s interview.

Andrea James is renowned in the trans community for her tireless advocacy and providing resources to people who might not know where to turn for help and insight. Her original website shared personal details of her life in advertising, her transition, and her FFS and in the process she became a role model for a generation.   Her TSRoadMap website is a treasure trove of information and after almost 20 years is still a popular destination on the web.

In this wide ranging interview Andrea discusses cultural acceptance, trans portrayals in media, some exciting projects she’s working on, the historical relevance of trans “elders”, and some of her concerns based on current events – both in the US and in the world in general.

This week Donna and Diana welcome Andrea James to The Deeper End!



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Episode 012 – Andrea James

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