Andrea James

Transgender community unites at Pride event


Amy Bartner,  June 9, 2016

photos: Jenna Watson

Organizer Korvin Bothwell said he expected to sell 200 or more tickets for the night, which featured a talk from activist, actress, writer and former Hoosier Andrea James.

James, who lives in Los Angeles, attributed a lot of the gains transgender people have had in visibility to the Internet.

“I knew the minute I got on AOL that this would be the most important thing for the trans community,” she said.

James, who grew up in Franklin, Ind., was an advertising writer in Chicago who wrote well-known Super Bowl commercials in the 1990s before moving to L.A. to make transgender movies. She took a 90 percent pay cut but views that move as crucial to her role as a transgender activist.

“I thought, if I stay silent, people will die,” she said. “And I still believe that.”


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