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Transproofed DVD release


Via Calpernia Addams:

Yay! We have set up a feature-packed version of the “Transproofed” DVDavailable for regular orders NOW! You can order a special version with personalized autographs from Andrea and me, or the regular version, right now.

In addition to the fun movie itself, we spent a lot of time making extras like:

  • A commentary track, where you can watch the movie and listen to Andrea and me talk about the making of the movie.
  • A Storyboard Featurette, where we show Andrea’s pre-production storyboard art and she discusses how to use pre-planning to organize and shoot your own movie.
  • The music video for “Next!”, in fullscreen DVD quality.
  • The “Transproofed” trailer and “Casting Pearls” trailer, in fullscreen DVD quality.

Order now and have the DVD shipped directly to you! And come see it with Andrea and me on the big screen at OutFest by getting your tickets here:

The film stars Calpernia Addams as Ava, Andrea James as Joyce, and Joel Lambert as Mike. “Transproofed” explores the controversy of when (or whether) to come out as transgender in a romantic relationship. Ava’s showgirl friends are all openly transgender, but like many trans women, Ava dreams of living a quiet life where her trans status is not an issue. Ava’s friend Joyce urges her to go “stealth,” slang for not divulging one’s trans status. Joyce urges Ava to follow her example: to tone down her look and to get her place “transproofed,” slang for hiding any evidence that one is trans. As Joyce pushes Ava to hide more and more of her past and her identity, Ava begins to wonder if it’s worth it.


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