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Transproofed premiere


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Wow, combining the premiere of “Transproofed” and San Francisco Pride 2009 was AWESOME! After a year of hard work, Andrea and I were finally ready to begin the festival season for “Transproofed” by premiering it at the Frameline Film Festival in SF, and then I had the incredible opportunity to be added to the existing lineup as a Grand Marshall this year, so that we’d be there for both events at virtually the same time!

The premiere went really well. We played in a shorts program with other trans-themed films, and everyone Ooh’d, Ahh’d and laughed where we hoped they would. So much else is going on in SF during Frameline that it all came together as a sort of mega-experience where the people at the premiere would also be seeing us at the Trans March, and of course in the parade.

Andrea and I stayed in the gorgeous Clift Hotel and received fantastic care from concierge-extraordinaire Eric. There was a beautiful ceremony commemorating the pink triangle symbol at the top of Twin Peaks, where the fiesty Cloris Leachman all but took over the hosting duties and we got oddly-shaped sunburns. Then another morning there was a Grand Marshalls’ brunch. I was a late addition, so I didn’t have a position at the big table at the front of the room, but Andrea and I got to sit right next to it at the Grand Marshall children’s table, right next to Sharon Gless. Gorgeous! She’s looking really good.

The parade was a fabulous experience. Andrea and I got to sit in a gorgeous BMW convertible, and there’s hardly a better way to see a parade than from the inside. We met lots of great people, and I yelled myself hoarse while waving at the crowd.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience. And there’s more to come… “Transproofed” will be playing at OutFest this month here in LA, so make sure to get your tickets or even order your very own Mega DVD packed with extras and watch it at home!

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