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2009 Outfest Screenwriting Lab Fellows announced

Here are the 2009 Outfest Screenwriting Lab Fellows with descriptions of their scripts. Congrats to this year’s fellows!

BUT NOT FOR ME by Ronald Zate

A hopelessly-romantic gay man must deal with his family’s internalized homophobia until he begins dating a royal prince.  In the course of making this improbable relationship work, he discovers the meaning of true acceptance and unconditional love.

HOT GUYS WITH GUNS by Doug Spearman

An homage to LA-based noirs like Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang and Double Indemnity. Two ex-boyfriends who still have their hooks in each other get mixed up in a crime wave involving Hollywood’s Velvet Mafia, an ex private investigator, and a many times married Beverly Hills trophy wife.

MAYBE THIS TIME by Valerie Stadler

When Lenny’s sister Hannah calls to tell her that her father is dying, she is forced to leave NYC and go home to the small town where she grew up and deal with the family she wants nothing to do with in order to save her father’s life work from the dumpster.

THE MOST FAMOUS WOMAN IN THE WORLD by Kerthy Fix & Craig Harwood

In 1953, Christine Jorgensen stepped off a plane in New York City and kick-started the sexual revolution.  Based on a true story, THE MOST FAMOUS WOMAN IN THE WORLD recounts how a shy, insecure boy from the Bronx secretly obtained a sex change and went from “Ex-GI to Blonde Beauty” to change America.

PIT STOP by Yen Tan

A simple, eloquent story of two men, a small town, and a love that isn’t quite out of reach.

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