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"Transgender Stories" at Logo

Check out “Transgender Stories,” a new Logo web destination. Real stories about real transpeople – their lives, relationships, struggles and triumphs in this collection of films, documentaries, and series.

Already included are:

Music Artists
– Katastrophe
– The Cliks
– Joshua Klipp

Real Momentum Documentary Series
– Southern Comfort
– No Dumb Questions
– Beautiful Daughters
– 100% Woman
– Gender Rebel
– Gender Redesigner
– Girl Inside

Trans Short Films
– Waiting for Yvette
– Casting Pearls
– She Kills He
– Moustache
– Give or Take an Inch
– Real Momentum Shorts: Transgression

Transamerican Love Story

Trans Interviews
– Bad Questions with Calpernia Addams

Check back for more throughout the year!

Transgender Stories at Logo Online

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