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Film Journal International: Ma Vie En Rose

Andrea James

Ma Vie En Rose plays at Outfest Wednesdays November 19 at The Egyptian in Hollywood. Absolut cocktail reception at 6:30, film at 7:30. Also: clips from Queens at Heart, the 1965 documentary about pre-Stonewall trans life, currently being restored as part of the Outfest Legacy Project.

From the Film Journal International review of Ma Vie En Rose:

For all its highly piquant subject matter, My Life in Pink (Ma Vie en Rose) is, above all, the story of a family. Director Alain Berliner and screenwriter Chris vender Stappen have created one of the most authentic, touching households ever put on film. It’s a far, welcome cry from the motley, phony convention of stars-as-blood-relations that American audiences have become accustomed to (Parenthood, Home for the Holidays). The family’s interrelations are both funny and perfectly apt. Little Ludo has a different, intimate bond with, say, his one teenage sister than his more conventional brothers. He’s naturally close to his mother and, especially, his grandmother, a real sympatico free spirit (charmingly played by Helene Vincent). If unsure about what he is, he nevertheless knows exactly what he wants and has no problem coming up with ‘scientific’ theories about his misplaced X chromosome to explain it all. He has an active fantasy life, as well, obviously, exemplified by his dream world featuring Pam and Ben, a Gallic version of Barbie and Ken dolls, who have their own resplendently tacky musical TV show. These scenes are a triumph of Veronique Melery’s and Eve Romboz’s production design and FX, saturated with psychedelic colors and doll’s-house miniatures, an enchanting, infinitesimal Oz.

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