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Trans for Obama day!

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The transgender community has a voice and has political influence, so today is Trans for Obama blog day!

This is a great chance for Obama supporters in our community to help in a way that will get noticed. Obama needs as much money and as many donors as possible to beat McCain. If you saw McCain’s views on LGBT marriage on Ellen Degeneres or have heard some of the unbelievable opinions held by Sarah Palin, it’s clear who will do more to support the rights of trans people.

Tuesday is the end of the quarter and everyone will be watching. These numbers are really important. I believe it’s entirely possible for our community to get 250 total donors today, and I urge you to stand up and be counted with me. If you can give a substantial amount, great, but your $5 donation is just as important. I know that’s a lot for some of us. Many of us face the tremendous costs of transition out of pocket, combined with difficulties finding and keeping good jobs due to anti-trans discrimination, but the tide is changing. We have just won a major legal victory in the employment case brought against the Library of Congress. We need to keep that momentum going, and one important way to do that is to usher in a new era of more progressive leaders.

We have already shattered our second goal, and I believe we can completely surpass the goal of 200 total donors and get to 250 donors today (just 150 more to go). This is a great chance to make a difference, even if it’s $5. Join me in showing your support now. Just click on the link below, and let me know by email or via comment here how you decided to help!

I’ll be posting updates throughout the day, including links to other trans bloggers and our allies. Thanks in advance for supporting this important initiative!

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