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Outfest: XXY, Trinidad, transman short films, She’s A Boy I Knew

Last night at Outfest I saw XXY, the 2007 film about a Uruguayan intersex teen. It’s a great humanization of issues surrounding sexuality and gender identity.

I also had a chance to see Trinidad, the documentary about Trinidad, Colorado, which has been a major center for trans surgeries for 40 years. It has interviews with Stanley Biber and his successor, Marci Bowers. It also chronicles a group of trans women planning and renovating a house designed for postoperative recovery.

Today I will be at the Directors Guild of America at 4pm for FTM (Fine Transman), a group of shorts by and about trans guys. There will also be a reception sponsored by Magnet, and then a screening of She’s a Boy I Knew at 7:15pm. Please don’t hesitate to come up and say hi if you see me at these events today!

Though I will not be in attendance, there’s a screening of the short “Laundromat” at the REDCAT Theatre at Disney Concert Hall downtown today at 5pm (part of the Fusion Shorts program). I play Maya in the film, and the director and DP are scheduled to attend. If you missed it, Trinidad also plays Sunday at 1pm at the REDCAT.

Monday I’ll be at the Legacy Gala premiere of the restored print of Word Is Out, a historically significant documentary shot in 1978. See my Facebook group below for more details on upcoming appearances.

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