Andrea James

Trantasia premieres on Showtime Feb 14

Maria Roman and director Jeremy Stanford were at our Transamerican Love Story premiere last night and reminded me that Trantasia will air February 14 on Showtime. It’s a documentary about The World’s Most Beautiful Transsexual Pageant held in Las Vegas.

Trantasia’s pageant host Jahna Steele, one of the most historically significant entertainers in trans history, died last month. She was incredibly talented and a real class act in all of her media appearances. Christine Beatty made a nice video tribute to Jahna. I did a lot of work on her Wikipedia article, to make sure her significance was understood. I hope to write up an appreciation at some point once press regarding our show dies down a bit.

I also need to go on record noting that Maria Roman is absolutely flawless. You may recall that we were on the same episode of Cristina a couple of years ago. Just strikingly lovely. I am in awe of her every time I see her.

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