Andrea James

New web show ‘3 Way’ with my pal Jill Bennett

My lovely friend Jill has just alerted me that her new web show 3 Way is premiering today. She plays Andrea (pronounced the pretentious way, not the flat Midwestern way I use). Synopsis:

After a tabloid-worthy divorce from vintage action star Dirk LaBonte, Siobhan (Maeve Quinlan) moves her lesbian best friend, Roxie (Cathy Shim), into her house believing this will be good for both her soul and her newly flattened wallet. Siobhan’s looking for a brand new start. A week later, in true lesbian fashion, Roxie moves her new girlfriend, Andrea (Jill Bennett), into the house, making it a 3Way. Roxie’s ex, Geri, (Maile Flanagan) inserts herself into the 3way.

“Let the Gaymes Begin” Part 1 is up now – warning: contains graphic images of hot naked lesbian ass.

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