Andrea James

Crosscurrent: Fusion Shorts

Last night I went to see a collection of short films playing at the Outfest Fusion film festival, the only multi-racial, gender-inclusive film festival of its kind.

* A Two Woman One Act, directed by Vanessa Libertad Garcia (2007, 11 min.)

* Just, directed by David Maurice Gil’s (2007, 12 min.)

* Fighter, directed by Sharon Barnes (2007, 11 min.)

* Doorman, directed by Etienne Kallos (2007, 18 min.)

* Shooting Geronimo, directed by Kent Monkman (2007, 11 min.)

* I’m Jin-Young directed by Sung-eun Lee (2007, 19 min.)

My personal faves were “Just,” an intense post-hookup conversation (beautifully shot), “Doorman,” a moody piece about a troubled romance between a doorman and a tenant, and “I’m Jin-Young,” an adorable story about a fourth-grader with a crush on her mom’s friend.

I also talked to the shorts programmer for Sundance, who said they had 5,100 (!) entries this year. That is a lot of films to screen! She said some days you would only see one good one the whole day. Yikes.

After I went with some filmmakers to Cafe des Artistes for a drink, then an out-of-town visitor took me to a lovely dinner. A great day!

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