Andrea James

I made the cover of American Family Association Journal!

I don’t know how I missed this when it came out in July 2006, but I was featured on the cover of the American Family Association Journal! Calpernia and I apparently exemplify the “sexual radicals who hate Christianity.” AFA Chairman Don Wildmon’s beef is with Ford Motor Company, and his magazine’s caption for our pic notes:

Ford Motor Company sponsored several GLAAD Media Awards ceremonies, including this one in San Francisco in June. Pictured at the ceremony are GLAAD President Neil Giuliano (center) with transgender actor Calpernia Addams (right) and transgender activist Andrea James (left). A transgendered individual is one who dresses as or has surgically altered his/her body to mimic the opposite sex.

To read the whole hilarious report, see:

* American Family Journal July 2006 cover story

Oh, and the first car I ever bought was a used Ford Maverick for $750. I drive a Ford right now, too, and it is seriously the best car I have ever had! So there!

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