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Aleshia Brevard, 1937-2017

Saddened to hear of Aleshia Brevard‘s death after a long illness. A true trailblazer in a time when being outed as a trans actor was a career-ender. About ten years ago, she sent me a very nice note that said in part:
As I see it, Andrea, our community is seriously in need of some good, positive PR. Your offer to “put the word out” is greatly appreciated – that’s what we’re seeking. The journey, as all sisters know, begins with the first step. Thanks again, and best wishes for your continued success,

Interview about my voice training techniques

Nice interview by James Beth Merritt on my voice techniques.

If this post comes across sometimes sounding like a cheering section for Andrea as a personal voice guru, that’s only because I think she provides a tremendous service. I had been working on developing a full female voice for months before I came across her work, and as I’ve discovered since, all of the resources I was using were leading me down a path that would not be successful. Andrea’s videos made a big difference for me, and then some personal coaching made an even bigger difference. I’m not prepared to show off a complete female voice yet, but I’m getting closer every week, and there have been a few situations already where my voice has passed. (Note: I’m not receiving anything for posting this. I honestly do think she’s that great.)

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Can a Person Assigned Male at Birth Develop a Convincing Female Voice?

Don’t Forget the Long, Proud History of Transgender Activism

Thanks to The Advocate for the mention!

The Advocate had featured trans actress Alexandra Billings on our cover nearly a decade earlier, but it wasn’t until 2005 that she became the second out trans woman to play a trans character on television (Romy and Michelle: A New Beginning). By then, the behind-the-scenes work trans women like Calpernia Addams and Andrea James were doing in the entertainment industry finally began paying off as more impactful casting came in 2007, when Hawaiian actress Candis Cayne was chosen to star on the series Dirty Sexy Money.

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GLAAD Media Awards New York 2017

I had the pleasure of joining my friends from Tinder at the 2017 GLAAD Media Awards in New York. Our table included several folks from team Tinder who were instrumental in rolling out their gender options. It also included the fabulous Lina Bradford, Bradley Miller, and Zackary Drucker as well as our great partners from Mark Silver’s Factory PR.

Since updating the app with gender options, Tinder users have made 250,000 matches with people using the new option to note their identity. Love is Love! #alltypesallswipes

This Documentary Proves We Should Listen To Children Not Legislators When It Comes To Trans Rights


Storytelling has the ability to not only educate and even entertain, but also to build empathy and bridge the gaps of human experience. National Geographic’s new documentary, Gender Revolution: A Journey With Katie Couric, which premiered on Monday, is fully aware of this power. To its credit, Gender Revolution leans heavily on firsthand accounts in order to educate and galvanize the public about the LGBTQ movement, and especially the latest battles over transgender rights in America.

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‘Gender Revolution’ is all about trans people, but it’s made for a cis audience

This program is titled, “Gender Revolution,” and I don’t think you will find a more detailed exploration of intersex, gender non-conforming/non-binary and, yes, trans Americans than in the 88 minute documentary produced by National Geographic in conjunction with Couric’s team and World of Wonder productions. You might say I am biased because I got to see this before most of you did.

[…] And to those who argue or complain that the producers did not recruit openly trans people to work on the editorial or production teams, there is this: one transgender woman has stepped forward to identify herself as a consulting producer on the show. Andrea James is a transgender pioneer who grew up in Indiana, transitioned 20 years ago, and has written, directed, produced and advised several Hollywood productions. She is also an activist and achieved fame with a controversial “how to” video guide to passing and living “deep stealth.” But with the exception of James, this production, unlike “Her Story” and “Transparent,” was most definitely not something made by us.

But it bears repeating: it’s also true that this film was not made for us.

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Formal complaint filed against BBC's #Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?


Sam Bagnall produced the 2017 BBC2 special Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?

Today, UK-based charity Trans Media Watch filed a detailed complaint demonstrating the quantifiable bias evident in Bagnall’s special.

Prior to its airing, the special was the subject of widespread complaints by medical experts and activists who expressed concern about presenting ideas and practices affecting transgender children that were “no longer considered ethical.” The show prominently featured disgraced Toronto researcher Kenneth Zucker. In 2016, Zucker was fired and had his clinic shut down after a review. In 2015, Ontario passed legislation making Zucker’s anti-transgender reparative therapy illegal.

As with many biased journalists who paint Zucker as a martyr of “political correctness” or “anti-science” activists, Bagnall gave substantially more time to cover Zucker’s beliefs despite the appearance of being balanced to a lay audience.

Bagnall gave Zucker and his allies twice as much airtime in the piece for negative views, with all of that additional time in the second half. Via Trans Media Watch:

An analysis of the time in the programme allotted to each group (except filler) has revealed the following:

  • Total time given to “positive specialists” 9 mins 21 secs
  • Total time given to “positive experiences” 6 mins 41 secs
  • Total time given to “negative specialists” 14 mins 32 secs
  • Total time given to “negative experiences” 16 mins 21 secs

The full complaint can be downloaded here:

Much more to come on this matter.



‘I Think I Made a Mistake’: Katie Couric On Her Transgender Evolution



02.04.17 9:15 PM ET

Today, Couric is still learning about transgender people and telling their stories. And as Gender Revolution proves, she hasn’t made many mistakes more than once.

The two-hour National Geographic documentary—premiering Monday night—is a compassionate, incisive, and informed introduction to the exploding conversation around gender and identity. It covers everything from the nascent science behind gender dysphoria to the treatment of transgender children to the continuing impact of North Carolina’s “bathroom bill.”

New Katie Couric documentary explains transgender identities in compelling detail


On Monday night, the National Geographic Channel will premiere Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric. A companion piece to National Geographic Magazine’s recent “Gender Revolution” issue, which featured a transgender girl on the cover, the new documentary follow Couric across the states as she unpacks all the complexities of gender.

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Towards a Gender Neutral Future in This Bonus Clip from Nat Geo's Gender Revolution


As part of their exploration, Nat Geo partnered with Katie Couric for a special documentary airing tonight. Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric is an incredibly accessible intro to the concept of gender and the gender spectrum, as Couric travels across America to meet and learn from trans, intersex and gender nonconforming people from all walks of life. Think of it like your “Gender and Sexuality” class from freshman year of college condensed into a neat 90 minutes or so.

In a bonus clip from Gender Revolution, Couric shares the story of the Los Angeles Unified School District and how it presaged the Obama Administration’s directives in supporting transgender students by a decade.

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