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‘Whirlybird’ Film Review: Journalism Doc Makes More Impact With Family Breakup Than With Breaking News

Sundance 2020: The evolution of L.A.-based news pales in comparison to the personal story in Matt Yoka’s documentary

Elizabeth Weitzman | January 26, 2020 @ 3:15 PM

There’s more, though. And since it’s not presented as a spoiler, it should be shared here: As we learn in the contemporary interviews, Bob is no longer Bob, she’s Zoey. A journalist himself, Yoka skillfully avoids any sense of the exploitation or sensationalism that we see his subjects indulge in occasionally. Zoey’s identity is important, but so, the movie insists, is Marika’s. It’s only once the noise quiets and each gets an equal voice that we can see them clearly, two distinct threads in a compelling portrait of an American family.

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