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April 2, 2016 James Grady

Can you tell us a little more about the “Conversations with Coco” events you’ve done and the show you’re trying to develop based on those?

Sure. I did these events, but with no budget, so it’s really a shame but they aren’t on tape and no one will ever see them again. They were fundraisers for the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s homeless youth program. Now the producers want to film a Conversations with Coco pilot to see if they can sell so it as a series. Our guest for that show is Lily Tomlin.

If it did go forward as a TV show, part of the proceeds would still go to the LGBT Center. We’re not forgetting friends or from where we came, or that we still need to work for people less fortunate than ourselves. That was always the goal with the “Conversations with Coco” events—Bea Arthur, Jane Fonda… these are all people who gave their time to raise money.

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