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Drag Superstar Coco Peru Needs You To Help Make ‘Conversations With Coco’ A Reality!


By Christine Fitzgerald

March 8th, 2016 // Leave a Comment

SL: How did the Conversations with Coco series come about in the first place?
Coco: Well, originally the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center had asked me to be interviewed by another person, the author Dennis Hensley, so we did an interview that was a fundraiser for the Center where Dennis interviewed me and we reflected on my career. It was very successful. So then the Center got the idea that it would be great if we could continue a series of these kind of interviews and it would be great if Coco would do it – because, at the time, Dennis was busy doing something else. So, they asked me and I said “Sure!” So then we came up with the title Conversations with Coco and it was all about trying to find who would be the first guest and I happened at that time to know Bea Arthur and I asked her if she would do it. She didn’t want to but she was so sweet and she loved gay people, so she said yes and that’s how it got started.

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