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Sister Dana sez, “Did everybody do their patriotic duty during Fleet Week – and take a sailor home?!”



By Sister Dana Van Iquity

TRANSCENDENT on Fuse TV chronicles the multi-faceted lives of a group of bold and vibrant trans women who perform at the AsiaSF Cabaret and Restaurant in SF while creating their own surrogate family. Sister Dana was privileged to view the first two riveting half-hour episodes of six at AsiaSF during a screen­ing party. World Of Wonder, run by executive producers Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey, also is behind Fuse’s Big Freedia, the network’s high­est-rated series. Barbato, Bailey, Tom Campbell, Larry Hashbarger, Chris Shifflett, Brad Tiemann, andCameron Kadison are exec producing this one. Hashbarger notedTranscendent had its premiere in Los Angeles very recently – to great acclaim. It has been seven years in the making. It stars Bambiana, Bion­ka, LA, Nya, and Xristina – all gorgeous ladies from AsiaSF – with spe­cial guest stars. It’s about transgender women with the courage to “become who they are.” As Hash-barger said, “It’s all about diversity.”

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