Andrea James

BoingBoing: How Alec Mapa used Kickstarter to joke about gay adoption

Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy premieres on Showtime tonight, at a moment when the Supreme Court is considering gay marriage, and Michigan just made it legal to deny LGBT families a chance to provide stable homes for the state’s 13,000 children in foster care.

“I just couldn’t take conservative pundits passing judgment on LGBT families any longer,” Alec explains why he created his award-winning one-man show. “I couldn’t take hearing that my marriage wasn’t legitimate or that gay adoption was harmful to children. Creating and performing this show was a way to beak down that hateful narrative and replace it with an authentic truthful telling of how my husband and I created our family through foster adoption. The main message is my family’s not all that different from yours. We all want the same things. The only difference is we’re gay, so we want nicer things.”