Andrea James

Alec Mapa Hopes His Showtime Special, 'Baby Daddy,' Inspires Gay Parents To Adopt Older Kids



Fans who missed the show live or on the film festival circuit will be pleased to find Mapa’s signature sass intact. “As a gay family, we want the same things that everybody else does,” he quips at one point. “The only difference is, we’re gay, so we want nicer things.”

As a side note, Mapa also hopes the show inspires more same-sex couples to consider the foster care system in their quest to become parents. Though he supports couples who opt for foreign adoption or surrogacy (“There’s nothing wrong with that. I think you should get your kids any way you can”), Mapa says drawing attention to adoption of older children is “really part of his crusade.” He said it is not only is it more financially viable for less-affluent couples, but also for a viable alternative for those who “don’t feel a biological imperative” to carry on the family tree.

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