Andrea James

11 Transgender Stars Weigh In on Trans Images in Entertainment


By on November 15, 2013

Andrea James, Writer, director, producer and transgender advocate

1. What transgender story or character has been particularly meaningful or impactful to you?

“My favorite fictional trans character is Ludo Fabre in Alain Berliner’s 1997 Belgian film ‘Ma Vie En Rose.’ The film came out during my own transition and is one of the first films to depict trans youth, a topic now at the forefront of the trans rights movement. It’s an absolute outrage that this sweet and thoughtful film is rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America. An honorable mention to my favorite metaphorically trans character: Rachael, the replicant who “passes” as human in Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi classic ‘Blade Runner.'”

2. What is a common stereotype or cliché in stories about transgender people that you never want to see again?

“If I never see another transgender “regret narrative” again, I’d be just fine with that. Authors and journalists who wouldn’t dream of taking the ‘ex-gay’ movement seriously are happy to over-represent the small number of people who vacillate in how they express their gender, often presenting them as self-hating ‘ex-trans’ people. There’s nothing wrong with moving around on the gender spectrum if someone wants, and everyone should be allowed to express their gender however they wish, whenever they wish. We must continually work to end the ‘all or nothing’ mentality about gender identity and expression.”

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