Andrea James

Next! (Matthew McPeck Pop Mix) release


Via Calpernia Addams:

OH MY GOD! Musical Cal-pal Matthew McPeck has delivered an AWESOME pop/club remix of Next!, my new song from the Transproofed soundtrack. Is it vain to call a remix of one’s own song “awesome”? Well just know that I’m complimenting his ability to add so much fun and coolness to my little tune when I say that.

It will be on iTunes withing a week or two (they take forver! Arrgh!) but you can have it right now for only 99¬¢ by clicking the links below (they’re also on my music page). Make sure you check out hottie Matthew’s music and pick up a track or two from him, too. I listen to his stuff all the time when I go for walks in the California sunshine, and he’s been so nice to me as a friend, too.


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