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Outfest 2008 launch

From Outfest 2008

I didn’t take too many pictures last night, but the event was simply lovely as always. They opened the festival with a very charming film called Breakfast with Scot, about a very assimilated gay couple who inadvertently comes to take care of a very flamboyant child. It touched on themes I like to explore in my own work, and it was a historic film in that it was the first gay film to be granted permission to use a major sports team’s logo (The Toronto Maple Leafs). One of the guys in the couple is a not-very-out former hockey star turned sportscaster who struggles most with his feelings about Scot’s flamboyant behavior.

A real highlight for me was FINALLY meeting RuPaul after about half a dozen missed opportunities, including at the Starrbooty premiere in San Francisco last year. Ru is good friends with our producer pal Randy Barbato. They were both up in the scene when it was a true scene! Legendary!

I’ll be posting more about the festival over the next week and a half. Be sure to check out a few films – there’s truly something for everyone!

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