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GLAAD Media Awards


Above: Calpernia and I whore ourselves out and sign a giant Absolut bottle they were auctioning off.

Calpernia and I were at the GLAAD Media Awards Saturday as guests of Logo. Got to see lots of folks doing great work in LGBT media, and plenty of trans folk there, too: Eden Lane and her charming husband, Donna Rose, Ashley Love, Foxxjazell, Candis Cayne, and several folks I’d never met before. As we were walking in, we were in line in front of three lovely women who had traveled to the event. I had a chance to speak with Garry Marshall, who is one of the most consistently funny people EVAR. I said hi to Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry and a whole slew of other people involved in work I love.

The highlight for me though was going over to the Comedy Central table and talking with a few of the writers on The Sarah Silverman Program. I even got to meet Eric, who played Gerome in 2 Girls 1 Cup: The Show. I got over there too late to say hi to Steve Agee, who has been cracking me up since the early days of Channel 101 (Yacht Rock, Kicked in the Nuts). His summary of the evening includes this hilariously captioned photo of the cocktail party:

IMG_3583 IMG_3582

Afterwards, we made the driver take us to West Hollywood, where we were mobbed by drunk gays and lesbians. I’m sure some unflattering photos will appear in short order on blogs and what-not. Quite an evening.


There are a slew of good blog posts about the GLAAD Media Awards, so I’ll let you find more if you are interested. Here are two of my faves. I was delighted to see Greg Hernandez, whom I’d met just a week earlier when Kenneth from Kenneth in the 212 was in town. Greg has a couple of entries about the awards (I can’t get the permalinks to work):

And the inimitable JD DiSalvatore was on hand as well and has plenty of dish as usual:

The Glaad Media Awards Salutes the Gayest Films and Television

Andrea James

Above: JD DiSalvatore, Nicol Paone (The Big Gay Sketch Show) and yours truly without glasses on (hence the terrible redeye)

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