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Kenneth in the 323 & Viva Hollywood

Transamerican Love Story has borne a lot of fruit for me in terms of meeting lovely and interesting people. Back when it was first announced, I sent a note to Kenneth over at Kenneth in the 212 after he blogged about it. I ended up checking his blog regularly, which has a piquant mix of sass and erudition. Last week he was in town with his honey Michael, so I stopped by The Abbey to meet him in person. Since I can’t walk into The Abbey and do a lap without seeing about 50 people I know, especially on a Sunday, it took me a while to find them. He was as charming in person as I’d hoped, and it was an added treat to meet Michael. I got to meet an LA-based blogger named Greg and ran into my old pal Micah McCain to boot. I even posed for a couple of piccies.

Hollywood and Pine (kenneth in the 212)

Then I zipped over to the Viva Hollywood premiere party at El Cid, thrown by our World of Wonder pals. I love to watch Spanish-language television like Sabado Gigante, A la Cama con Porcel, Xuxa, and Walter Mercado. It’s just a lot of fun to watch, even though my Spanish is terrible. If you haven’t seen it, Viva Hollywood is an elimination show where contestants compete for a spot on a telenovela. That means lots of hotties and lots of scene-chewing and backstage drama. My kind of trash television!

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