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Transamerican Love Story news/blog roundup, 22 April

We are nearing the end of frequent Transamerican Love Story updates. I know, I know. Be brave and smile through those tears…

Rachel, a latecomer to watching the show, has weighed in on the final episode:

Transamerican Love Story Finale – Spoiler Alert (rachel @ perfect girl)

And none other than Calpernia herself has summarized the last episode and explained some of her decisions:

Transamerican Love Story – Episode 08 Thoughts (Season Finale!) (calpernia @

Now, I literally did a spit take on her Sleestak reference (look it up, youngsters):

Andrea James

But my analogy was a much more modern one, with another child of the 80’s and daughter of Tennessee:

Andrea James

Lisa Marie has been slowly appropriating the Calpernia Addams Look ™ over the last year or so, but she’s not fooling anyone! Don’t settle for imitations!

All kidding aside, I am very glad that Calpernia found a new boyfriend on the show, and I am certain Shawn will continue to bask in the emotional intimacy and deep level of commitment that is the hallmark of a relationship with Calpernia.

OK, maybe that wasn’t all kidding aside. But this is. I do want to take a second to thank all the guys who participated (yes, all of them). This genre is silly and may seem to be a departure from the usual activist stuff I do, but I actually believe this opened a few eyes about what it’s like to date trans people, and I believe it helped take away some of the mystery and stigma surrounding our love lives. These guys took a risk most guys with an interest in trans women don’t take, and they were open and honest about their feelings. To me, they were the stars as much as Calpernia, and I am grateful to each of them for appearing on the show.

And as much as I have made fun of Calpernia throughout the process, I think she was a class act in a genre known for a dearth of classiness. It’s the first time I think audiences at home got a glimpse of the Calpernia I know, who is smart, funny, bizarre, and an all-around entertaining and talented lady. Y’know, the real Calpernia. I hope y’all get to see more of that side of her in the future!

You can always get an iTunes season pass to Transamerican Love Story and watch the whole 8-episode series commercial-free. That’s six hours of entertainment for the whole family!

Thanks to everyone who checked in here, and be sure to check back for a daily blog post about something or another!

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