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Transamerican Love Story news/blog roundup, 15 April (spoilers)

Andrea James

Above: Calpernia and I wrap up the show with our final vlog at

What a delightful experience Transamerican Love Story was!

The online viewing guides sum it up well:

Transamerican Love Story

Gay TV Guide | Mon 04.14 QueerVerve

The final three suitors are given the opportunity to woo Calpernia on one last date before she picks the winner. Will Calpernia find the man of her dreams or will she be left standing?  Host Alec Mapa and trans gal-pal Andrea James are on hand to help Calpernia.

Queerview television guide for April 14 (lylemasaki @ afterellen)

Transamerican Love Story Finale (steven saban via wow report)

Viewers weren’t shy about sharing their thoughts, either:

Transamerican Love Story Finale OMFG (nadia @ nadia’s transgender )

Well the Tranamerican Love Story was GREAT! (katerinalyn via blogspot)

Transamerican Love Story: Some Thoughts (rachel @ perfect girl)

It makes me happy (rishy @ it’s way too early for this shit)

Transamerican Love Story finale recap (shastab24 via veoh)

Transamerican Love Story Finale Pre-Recap and TLS Recap: Finale!

(rachel @ metrophobic)

Logo has added four new videos as a wrap-up to the show:

MapaCAM: Undies

Next! – Jim (who by the way has some sexy nekkid photos as part of a gallery exhibit in town)

Next! – Mike

Transamerican Love Story Wrap-up

I have shared another still from our wrap-up to give you a sense of where things go.

Andrea James

Above: By the end of our wrap-up, Calpernia is drunk again and makes yet another awkward pass at me.

Andrea James

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