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TLS season finale airtimes (no spoilers)

Andrea James

My DVR is a little weird sometimes, so I don’t know if that’s why it did not record the season finale of Transamerican Love Story Monday night. My iTunes subscription sent the final episode just fine, but in case you did not see it or get it recorded, the final episode airs several times this week:

– Tue 04/15 1:00 AM

– Tue 04/15 7:00 PM

– Wed 04/16 4:00 AM

– Thu 04/17 8:00 AM

– Fri 04/18 6:00 AM

– Fri 04/18 12:00 PM

– Sat 04/19 1:30 PM

– Sat 04/19 10:00 PM

– Sun 04/20 8:00 AM

Link to Logo episode airtimes

I’ll hold off on commenting until I have confirmed it aired in all markets.

Andrea James

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