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Transamerican Love Story: The Animated Series

I see the gauntlet has been thrown down. Calpernia claims her extra 20 pounds on me comprise the weight of her talent. So, let’s compare, shall we?

Here is an example of Calpernia’s “talent” in the field of comic drawing:

Andrea James

Above: self-portrait of Calpernia (hours of work).

I know what you’re thinking: other ASS PIES like Napoleon Dynamite have a similar talent.

Andrea James

Above: Art from another ass pie with “skills.”

Now let’s compare. Here is a little something I whipped up today while backing up my computer:

Andrea James

Above: My artist’s rendition of Transamerican Love Story: The Animated Series.

Did I not capture the essence of each person with a few simple lines?

I rest my case.

Andrea James

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