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Transamerican Love Story news/blog roundup, 8 April

We leave the Transamerican Love Story mansion (above) and head to a luxury hotel for the final episode on Monday 14 April.

The Transamerican Love Story website at has this to say about Episode 107: Season Recap

Leading up to season finale, Alec Mapa recaps highlights and lowlights of the last six episodes, including never-before-seen interviews with Calpernia and the finalists.

Calpernia has been in London with our short film Casting Pearls and the documentary about our 2004 all-trans Vagina Monologues, so you can read Calpernia’s diary in lieu of a post about last night’s recap (Day 1Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 7Day 8).

Alec bothers Aisha, Andy, Jen, Nick, Felicia, Spencer, Matt, food prep folks, Desirae, Brady, and other random victims on set:

MapaCAM: Meet The Crew

Vote for which bachelor really needs to leave first:

Transamerican suitor voting results

Some early entrants from the blogosphere weigh in on the recap episode:

Transamerican Love Story, Episode 7 (dan4th @ the touchy tranny)

Transamerican Love Story Recap Recap (nadia @ nadia’s transgender )

World of Wonder posted a TLS Season Finale preview clip yesterday, but missed the memo about the finale actually being on 14 April.

I am going to find any remaining behind-the-scenes shots I have lying around and add them to my Flickr and Picasa sets for TLS, so stay tuned (as they say)!

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