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Transamerican Love Story season recap

Andrea James

Above: I rat out Blaine for running a porn site, one of Alec’s Top 3 signs you’re a best friend.

Transamerican Love Story is airing a season recap episode tonight. Alec does new interviews with each of the remaining 3 suitors and Calpernia as we head into the final episode. Since Calpernia is down to three suitors, Alec also did a series of Top 3 lists:

– Top 3 best bodies

– Top 3 best outfits

– Top 3 embarrassing moments

– Top 3 best fights

– Top 3 sorest losers

– Top 3 worst dates

– Top 3 signs you’re a best friend

I didn’t completely agree with his final Top 3 list, though. The #1 sign you’re a best friend is being willing to do an on-camera stint as the sassy best friend on a competitive dating show.

Andrea James

Andrea James

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