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Transamerican Love Story news/blog roundup, 28 March

In today’s roundup, regular blogger nexy weighs in:

breaking rules (nexy @ nexy’s cocoon)

We also have paragon of hilarity Margaret Cho sharing her thoughts on the show!

Transamerican Love Story (margaret cho @

Be sure to check out the April issue of Curve (page 69 – the most coveted page in the mag) for a nice write-up of the show:

Andrea James

Transamerican revolves around trans actress Calpernia Addams and her sexy best friend, Andrea James… We don’t always agree with her choices, but enjoy the ride and watching Amazon-god James make the guys quirm.

I do have to admit I enjoyed that more than I should have!

As a reminder, Monday will have “encore performances” (heh, I love that kind of advertising BS) of two episodes, then there’s a big recap episode with special interviews on 7 April, leading up to the big finale on 14 April!

Andrea James

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