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Transamerican Love Story news/blog roundup, 26 March

I learned several important things from episode six of Transamerican Love Story. First and foremost, I learned that I make this face a lot:

Andrea James

Andrea James

I’m going to work on eliminating that tic from here out.

I also learned that Calpernia is very indecisive (but then I already knew that).

Viewers at home learned that Alec Mapa’s comedic tastes are not just limited to sex jokes. He is quite the afficionado of fart and poop jokes, too.


We also learn that he has a rather hot bod, which you might not have guessed.

Next, we learn that Shawn can outsnark me, and I was being pretty snarky on this episode:

Episode 6: Pop culture on the skids. (shawn @ transameriblog)

I should point out here that due to some weird editing, there’s an implication that I was describing Mike as “lugubrious,” because Callie repeats that term to describe Mike. I was in fact describing Shawn as such, who had the weight of mourning hanging over him throughout the show (though we didn’t know why he seemed so down until we’d been filming a while). I believe my descriptor for Mike was “dork.” But that is truly what Calpernia likes: sweet, simple guys who will always be bland, cheerful, worshipful, unsophisticated, and unchallenging. Like Dolly Parton and her husband Carl. These of course tend to be the guys least likely to want a long-term relationship with her, so read into that what you will.

Dan4th has some interesting commentary as usual:

Transamerican Love Story, episode 6 (dan4th the touchy tranny)

A couple of other shout-outs:

Transamerican Love Story (squawker @

My Kind of Reality Show (courtney @ misanthropy)

And you simply must check out Anna’s sassy take on things:

Transamerican Love Story Episode 5 Recap (spanaanna @ spies for the patriarchy)

Transamerican Love Story Episode 6 Recap (spanaanna @ spies for the patriarchy)

Next week is a recap episode for those who want to catch up on the whole first season in one digestible hour before the big finale! Some interviews and other new goodies as well will be interlarded into the ep. More goodies to come as we head toward the finale!

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