Andrea James

Transamerican Love Story news/blog roundup, 21 March

Andrea James

Above: AJ shows off her weathered antique box to the boys.

Two vlogs and Calpernia herself weigh in on Transamerican Love Story:

Calpernia’s entry:

Transamerican Love Story – Episode 05 Thoughts (calpernia @

And two vlogs I somehow missed until today:

• Transamerican Love Story recap #1#2#3#4 (shastab24 @ veoh)

Transamerican LoveStory! (ataglance20079 @ youtube)


Somehow, I forgot to add an earlier post by the inimitable Dan4th the Touchy Tranny!

TransAmerican Love Story, episode 5

In addition to great insights, Dan4th took the initiative of founding the TLS group on Facebook! Be sure to join and add your voice to the lively discussion about the show!

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